Black Friday

It’s all over the news and TV adverts again… it’s that time of year! After I wrote this poem, I thought that a ‘proper’ writer would have said something profound about Black Friday. The end of November craze that sweeps the nation, borrowed from our American cousins. Anyway, here is a poem I wrote two years ago… Enjoy!


I heard all about it on  the morning TV news

“People herding for discounted widescreens”

I should’ve queued up but just missed out

of forty percent off and a smack in the mouth

retail therapy with no right to return

all these shoppers had money to burn.

Chaos, greed, excitement is pulling me in

No where to park, getting pushed to the ground

people are looking as I can’t get around

made up  though, with  my big pile of loot

GHDs an iPhone and a new pair of boots.

I get on the web to spend, spend, spend.

Packages in the post

Fragile, please don’t bend

Champagne lifestyle and lemonade pockets

what of it?

There is steam coming off my credit card bill

they can’t hang me for it , I’ll leave it in my will.

I think I might be in a lot of debt

what did you buy then? Oh, I forget.

Samantha Henthorn 20142013-06-24-18-58-38


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