I Went to Market, and I Bought…


Prosecco… I didn’t really ‘go to market’ but I had to start somewhere. The other day, when I was doing the cleaning, I found myself remembering a conversation I had about Prosecco. I was at my brother-in-law’s barbeque, and one of his friends re-told me a story I had previously read myself on social media, about supplies of Prosecco running out. I cannot remember if this was last summer, or last year, or two years ago. But I do remember the widespread pandemonium, the fear that we were all going to run out of the fun sparkly white stuff … It made me want to stock up in the off licence immediately.

I do not know if there actually was a shortage. Social media failed to update the story, or if it did, ‘panic over’ tales do not get many likes. I think my mind has reminded me of this, because whatever the origins of the story, it was a great bit of marketing. (Not that Italian sparkly is short of fans) I have been reading about marketing recently. …

When I publish my short story collection next year ‘QUIRKY TALES TO MAKE YOUR DAY’ I will be looking for a good bit of marketing myself. Maybe I should pretend that my stories are in short supply, and that everyone should go out and read them immediately! … This would be false advertising though, my stories are plentiful, and two shorts that are going in the collection are tasters for novels that I have written.

I would love to know of any wacky marketing stories..

Happy writing,






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