Finding the Right Name

After a lengthy time of thinking about it, much whining and pleading during the night with puppy dog eyes, we have some great news. A new little puppy girl has come to live at our house. I cannot find the connection to my writing path, but you never know, she might inspire me! Now to find the right name. I want to call her ‘Martha’ because MAR are the first three letters of my husband’s name, and THA are the last three letters of mine. Mark has reservations about shouting ‘Martha’ when out on a walk, but tells me he is happy to concede, however, I do like to think things through. I want the name to be chosen by us, and mean something to us. Further discussions have conjured the following names:  ‘Scout’, ‘Shelley’ ‘Bronte’ or ‘Fiver’ – I know he was a male rabbit, but I personally think he was written with feminine qualities.

Better not think too long about it, I have got my own way, again… Martha it is!imag0482 In my defense, it was Mark’s idea to get a puppy…

Happy New Year!  Samantha


  1. Oh my goodness! She’s absolutely adorable! I have serious puppy-envy! I also love her name. Please, please bring her on a visit to the Writers’ Circle when you can. I can’t wait for a cuddle!
    Happy New Year to you and Mark. I hope 2017 brings all you wish for. Martha has certainly given it a great start!
    Lots of love,
    Jill xx


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