Now For Something Relaxing

20170703_185745It is rare, during stressful and busy times in our lives to take a break and chill. With all the excitement of the last week (even though it was ‘good’ stress), I found that I was getting tired. I usually read to relax, but I found that reading made me think about writing, soon my mind was running quicker than my body! So on Sunday, I picked up ‘Cloud Nine And Other Poems’ by Elaine Patricia Morris. Reading poetry is different to reading books, for me. I can just go with the flow and enjoy. Think about the words, or don’t think about them, it’s nice to have a break. Favourites for my reading session yesterday were ‘God of —‘ , ‘Cows’ and ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’. Elaine’s blog is   Happy reading! Samantha


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