News of Reviews

20170712_124753Thrilled to bits to report I now have three reviews on Amazon for both my books. (and one two stars on Goodreads- sad face emoji)  From what I can make out in the reams of advice, reviews make all the difference. I am ashamed to say that I always shied away from writing reviews of what I have read- until recently.  Partly because I am not a professional book reviewer, what if I say something wrong? What are customers looking for when they are choosing a new book to read? I don’t really look at the reviews myself, I choose what I am going to read next by recommendations, word of mouth.  Also, when I’m reading I think if it’s a really well known book with lots of existing reviews who cares what I think. They don’t need my review! Or do they?

I recently reviewed a book ‘Riddled With Senses’ by Petra Jacob.riddle-coverI really enjoyed reading it, so I just wrote what I thought and gave it five stars. My new plan is to continue reviewing, although  if I don’t have anything good to say, I won’t say anything at all. Hopefully the universe will pay me back.

Happy Wednesday, Samantha

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