Twelve Days

Our first day what a treat! A live singer belting out Cilla and rocking Fleetwood Mac.

The second a hamper of surprises. Thoughtful, silly, lucky, some for me and some for you.

Eating at the local pub much anticipated family moments. Badly timed photographs, including scowling faces and upside down hats.

Boxing day delivered needed rest, change of plans and further consuming of all offered to hearts, eyes and stomachs.

The next day husband got out of the way – loads done, relief of tidy order.

Days five and six brought quite a mix of online shopping and Star Wars watching I’m not ashamed to admit that half way through my mind started to drift. Must have been the wine (drinking in the cinema).

There followed my mother and daughter day of fun. Twenty one years ago, I grew my own new best friend. Her hair is long and blonde and never ends. A visit to the hairdresser- a friend a colour expert. Then cocktails and food – it was her who didn’t want to overdo!

Then takeaway and sparkling wine combination with two dear friends but one sadly missed – too unwell.

New year’s eve with our friends and their friends we were glad to meet. My husband’s pizza my favourite to eat.

New year! New leaf, loads done, including the discovery of photos no idea I’d taken.

The next three days, decorations will be put away. The energy and money saved now depleted. One month off the wine … until next time..





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