Martha’s Oven

20170917_122431This is a non-fiction blog post. My husband came home from work about a year ago and said ‘You know that wood fired pizza oven we had at our wedding reception? Well I’ve put a deposit down on one…’ Now I thought this had been a bit of an ambition for the future but it turns out there is no time like the present! The photo is the top of the oven. He is a really capable person, he was a good cook before and being married to me, he has to do a lot of cooking because of my MS some things are tricky for me. Here are some photos from when he catered a friend’s Halloween party.

I accept the picture of the pizza has been partly eaten, but that’s what happens! On New Year’s Eve they were eaten before I could get my phone out! He has been so busy completing his food hygiene course, perfecting his dough method and attending food trader work shops. Not to mention putting a website together, sorting out accountants, environmental health requirements,  getting business cards and pizza boxes delivered and ready, and much more:

We named oven ‘Martha’s Oven’ after our dog, Martha and she is named after a combination of our names (Mark and Samantha): 20170930_183051There she is looking as though she likes the idea of pizzas.

When we got together, I knew we were going to make a great team – and although I didn’t expect us to have a pizza baby, I know Martha’s Oven is going to be fabulous. We are hoping to specialise in private parties and possibly markets. (possibly a separate blog) Here’s the best photo:



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