Whatever Happened to Baby Jane by Henry Farrell: Book Review

If you enjoyed the film… then the book will appeal to you, I am sure of this. There is, of course the dilemma; is the book better than the film? Or is the film better than the book? This is by no means a good example to answer that question, but I’ll say this, the book is definitely not disappointing compared to the film,  it is chilling . I almost feel I don’t need to continue with this review now that I’ve said that, but for those of you that haven’t seen the film, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is a deliciously thrilling story of two sisters, one a child star, the other a movie star, later on in their lives in their ramshackle Hollywood mansion. Part tragicomedy, part thriller best word I can think of is noir… As a writer of a novel about two sisters (Curmudgeon Avenue) – published later this year, I know that sisters provide such fun in literature. Henry Farrell’s descriptions of human observations really make the book, you can just see them, especially Jane’s interaction with the young woman behind the counter when Jane is placing an advert in the newspaper.

Page turner ability 5/5 – this is going to be a favourite.

Three word review : Nasty noir rivalry

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