Now That I am 43.

20180702_133511Now that I am 43,

it’s time the world knew.

I know how to load my dishwasher.

A boring conversation, so why bother?

If I’m having a wine, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Now that I am 43, it’s time for me to say;

ask me if I’m ‘alright’ with your head on one side,

‘am I REALLY alright?’ It’s not your business,

not today.

Now that I am 43 I don’t want to spend hours on the phone.

I’m working from home so please leave me alone.

I’m middle aged you still think I’m a child.

Soon  I will be old and wise,

I’ve got that to look forward to anyway.

Now that I am 43 it’s time the world knew,

that I am free to have my hair dyed blue,

to water the flowers, not the weeds

Life is to short to repeat

the same mistakes.Don’t throw away my

champagne corks

and don’t piss on my chips.

Now that I am 43 I don’t care about the size of my ass,

or anything else, for that matter.

I’ve learnt you can’t polish a turd.

Selfies at my age would be absurd.

Mind my own bee’s wax, easy, unconcerned.

Loving life writing what I write,

I’ve done my time looking after you.

So emotional vampires please keep your drama,

you have my sympathy but not my guilt,

your pity party can remain in situ.











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