Free Book Curmudgeon Avenue

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILOn the day this all started, the sky was full of August apologies for a summer undelivered. Why has this house taken a disliking to its new owners? Admittedly, I started writing this first chapter during a rather rainy summer. Official publishing day will be this year’s early August which I hope will be sunny, because we are going camping. Twice. I will attach the BookFunnel link. I am new to this app but have downloaded it on a couple of devices here a few more clicks on some than others. It’s a link to a code.

Usual channels of self publishing to follow, and here is a snippet of the book
‘What’s that smell?! Poooo! Edith, it smells like cheese and onion pie. Off cheese and onion pie! Egh, it’s stinging my nose! What is it?’ Edna had been interrupted. She had heard the doorbell, of course but Edith would have answered it. That was some time ago, but time enough for the sickly gas to make its way upstairs. Edna covered her nose and mouth with her turtleneck jumper, pulling the skin underneath her eyes down, revealing her big eyes with stumpy eyelashes. She dropped the jumper revealing a downturned disgusted nose at the sight of a young woman sat with Edith at the kitchen table. ‘Oh… hello’ She said, glancing at Edith. The young woman would have thought this unfortunate expression was a family trait, as Edna and Edith’s faces now matched with identical disgust. She stood up, and shook Edna’s hand, without her consent, her own hand rough and clammy.

I picked the above passage randomly, a chapter about potential lodgers.

Happy reading, Samantha


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