Book Review Cinderfella: Kristy Brown
I really enjoyed this lovely read, the Cinderella story is the stuff of legends, shaping ideas of romance and true love for who you are inside- not on appearances of wealth for generations. Who better to bring the story up to date with a twist than author Kristy Brown! Cinderfella is not a children’s story, Ashes meets Ellie in forbidden circumstances, he is gorgeous inside and out, and she, (also good-hearted) is searching for an escape from an arranged marriage. The setting worked around the storyline plot, obviously, some creativity used with bringing stories of Royalty up to date, but that did not matter at all, because if, like Princess Elle you are looking for an escape, then this book is for you. It is romantic, it is funny to quote – ‘shut your Royal gob!’ I enjoyed it, that’s why I’m giving it five stars.

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale re-telling? I’m off to watch the Princess Bride now!

5/5 page turner rating

Three word review: Stuff of Legend!


Happy reading, Samantha

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