Book Review: An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy by June Kearns

Well, they don’t seem to show re-runs of Bonanza on the TV anymore, and to be honest I never watched it. I’m not comparing this book to it, but the setting reminded me, also reminders of any period drama of the late 1800s in America. I remember my mum telling me that my Nana used to stay awake all night reading ‘Westerns’ , and here I was last night reading this beautiful book, getting little sleep because I could not put it down! Goodness knows which books my Nana was reading, but you hardly ever hear the term ‘Western’ as a genre anymore. I would say, if anything this was an excellent adventure romance written of the time and setting. Good for Annie, escaping her matronly Aunt Bea, cousin Charlotte, and unwanted suitor, whilst collecting the affections of the moody and mysterious Colt. She managed to rescue a puppy and solve a mystery about her father too. Go Annie! I was so pleased for the character, that’s how well this book was written17202249

5/5 page turner rating

Three word review: Lost genre adventure.

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