Finding The Right Maid (!)

Steady on! I’ve not gone all posh, I am talking about finding the right word here. The other week, and I don’t know why, but I had a gripping fear, that after calling one of my characters a ‘Bar maid’ (that was her job) that I had insulted my fellow sisters (?) Unintentionally of course. I actually started writing that chapter ages and ages ago, and I can’t say that I thought anything of it. When I got married, I had bridesmaids, for example. But bar maid? Should I have said bar person? If Trisha the barmaid was a man, I would have called him bar man, or man behind the bar. I have just pretended to look for a job in a pub on the internet, and it does say ‘barmaid’ … I wonder what else I have done? I know one time at school, (primary school I would have been about ten years old), homework was to write a menu, I wanted to explain that if you wanted a bottle of wine, you had to buy it from the bar, but I wrote ‘Alcoholics can be found at the bar’ oh dear, at least it gave the teacher a laugh.


If you would like to read Trisha the bar person’s mention in Curmudgeon Avenue the book is available here Where I may, or may not change the job title.

Happy reading, Samantha xx

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