Rejecting the Rogue by Riley Cole. Review and link to a free copy.

Thieves make the best rogues. And the worst heartbreakers.
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I have read this book on my smartphone, and enjoyed it with its female safecracking protagonist and her tales of dating a bad-un! Here is the blurb posted on BookFunnel:
Philomena Sweet, Victorian London’s finest safecracker, knows it better than most. The worst rogue of them all, dashing jewel thief Spencer Crane, smashed hers long ago.
And now he’s back, fleeing danger from their past. Danger he won’t survive without her help.
She’d love to refuse, but she can’t leave him for dead.
Spencer Crane would sooner steal costume jewelry than ask talented, wickedly bright Meena Sweet for help.
But revenge stalks them both. He needs her artistry. She needs his skills.
Neither needs the desire that sparks to life between them.
While they dodge criminals, carriages, and the occasional flying cabbage, who will protect these two notorious thieves from each other?

If you enjoy historical fiction, this book (I don’t think) is not written about any actual characters but it is written of the time. It reminded me of the TV series Ripper Street.cover_md3TTLUTSG


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