Get to know your reader (they said).

Yesterday was my two year anniversary of self publishing, so as you might guess, I do a lot of internet browsing about the subject. I have read a few articles about ‘getting to know your reader’ I’m sure if you looked yourself, you would find the same or similar pages advising writers to find out about their readers, their likes and dislikes and so on. This is not one of those pages, I am sorry I don’t really have any straightforward advice… and neither did they… because no one tells you how to find out who your reader is! Here is how I have interpreted the advice, however; There is no point putting something out there that I don’t like, therefore if I like it, I am my reader! (And most of the time, I am the only person who reads my books!) Going with this notion, my reader must be a middle aged Mancunian with a sense of humour and fun. Also likes heavy metal. And dogs. And cats.  And reading most genres voraciously. But not exclusively, I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out…  Sigh… See, I told you I didn’t have any straightforward advice other than this: If you enjoy what you have written, then someone else will too, (probably me, I read loads)… so go for it! – I am!

Happy writing, Samantha

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