The Harold and Edith Adventures (Curmudgeon Avenue Book Two)

On the day we return to Curmudgeon Avenue, the garden is full of Manchester worker bees, doing their bit towards their own honey adventure. Harold and Edith are about to embark on some sort of romantic adventure themselves. When we last left them, Harold was all feet-under-the-table, Edith was having another one of her birthdays, and Edna had ruined it by announcing she was allegedly moving to France. Ricky Ricketts was continuing his on/off entanglement with Wantha, and there is about to be a mystery involving Toonan. They are a still a set of nincompoops, and I am still exasperated by their presence here. All you need to know for now, is that Edna and Genevieve were travelling far away from Curmudgeon Avenue, albeit in the opposite direction of the Channel Tunnel. You see, if they did go to France, then someone – (Harold and Edith) would know where they were, should someone else (the French police) come looking for them and when I say them, I mean Genevieve.

Available here!

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