Book Review: The Last Driver – Episode 1- Old Dogs by Bookshelf Q.Battler

If you can imagine reading a petrol-head version of The Handmaids Tale that is as amusing and entertaining as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then this is your book.

What a great idea for a story, and wonderful to read something so different. Frank Wylder is 63 years old in this dystopian story switching from the current year (2050) to the ‘past’ (2010). Frank is the proud owner of a classic car, nick-named Veronica, but it is now illegal to drive cars since the One World Order took over in 2032. Frank discusses his memories with his granddaughter this made me laugh several times and was very entertaining, reminding me of the time my own daughter came home from school, announcing that she ‘Did about the 90s in History… what was it like?’ Frank, along with his fellow humans are now controlled by drones who come to check up on everything, his language is amusing and beautiful about how, at his age, he has run out of care to give. Enjoyable science fiction and action elements in this well written story, and the promise of further episodes. Bravo!

page turner rating 5/5

Three word review: This could happen!

Buy it here

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