Book Review The Butcher by Nathan Burrows plus link to a free copy. (limited time 16th.11.18)

First, let me give you the link for this and some other free books  Copy this link, and with a few clicks you will have lots of free satire books downloaded to your smart phone (to play books)

I am reading ‘The Butcher’ by Nathan Burrows at the moment, I am 3/4 finished, it is really funny, and a good story. I am blogging about it today because the free link is available from BookFunnel for two weeks only.

Here is the blurb, that I borrowed from the BookFunnel promotion:

More about The Butcher by Nathan Burrows
Remember that nice joint of pork you devoured for your Sunday lunch? Well, what if it wasn’t pork…?

Emily Underwood has just started work as an inspector for the Environment Agency. As the new girl, she’s struggling hard to find her feet, and one or two minor disasters don’t help. From machete-wielding restaurant owners to rioting football fans, her first few months don’t go as expected. Then she meets two lovely gentlemen from the country..

Frank is a butcher, and Tom runs a small pig farm with its own bucolic abattoir beyond the roses and sheds of their ramshackle farmhouse. Business is booming, and the brothers are doing quite well, in spite of the lack of labour, or even the rather conspicuous absence of pigs.

From the author of Blind Justice, this deliciously funny dark comedy will change the way you look at sausages forever.

Happy reading, Samantha.


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