Free Books (two more from the bundle I have read) limited free downloads (Nov 2018)

First, let me give you the link to the free satire/humour books

I have read ‘ The Travel Diaries of John Dot’ by Kevin Kelly 

John Dot is in the clutches of a mid life crisis. His diary illustrates his constant worries, and social blunders, which is very amusing for the reader. Partly a comedy-romance as John is desperate to win back the affections of his beautiful girlfriend, Olivia. The format is presented in such a way that successfully reminds the reader this is a diary. An enjoyable introductory novella, the next in series now added to my ever growing to-be-read list.

The Travel Diaries of John Dot: Margate by Kevin Kelly

This is what the blurb says on BookFunnel:

John Dot’s life is falling apart at the seams, much like the waistband of his trousers. As a 47-year-old bogged down by gloomy moods and irrational fears, he’s a perfect fit for the drab British seaside. But with a long-suffering girlfriend who’s way out of his league, John knows his only chance to keep her is by trying something drastic…

My current read, from the same bundle, is ‘Beyond Dead’ by Jordaina Sydney Robinson. 

Beyond Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Here’s what the BookFunnel blurb says: 

You thought life was hard? You should try being dead!

Death is not what Bridget Sway expected. Not at all.

There are no harp-playing cherubs. There are no cloud cars. There aren’t even any pearly gates to walk through.

Death is a fashion disaster of a uniform and a job that doesn’t pay. It’s a heinous communal living situation with housemates who have no concept of privacy or personal space. It’s a handsome parole officer who is a stickler for rules that no one has bothered to explain. And it’s a dead ghost stuffed into her locker.

Happy reading, Samantha 


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