Five Photos … with Samantha Henthorn

Everyone should read Sharon Booth’s blog, and of course her novels (I do). Today she has even gone to the trouble of giving my books a shout out in her ‘Five Photos’ feature

Sharon Booth: author of uplifting women's fiction

My guest today is animal lover, avid reader, and author of uplit novels, Samantha Henthorn. Samantha has been a great supporter of this feature, so it’s a real pleasure to welcome her today as she shares her five photos with us.

I started following Sharon’s Five Photos blog this summer, I’m a huge fan. Aside from reading lots of books (including Sharon’s) I also write them, so I was thrilled to bits that Sharon was willing to give up one of her slots to me!

Wedding Day

Photo one is my wedding day in 2015. As we signed the register, the wedding planner pointed out that we were sat in silence. Mr Henthorn had forgotten to bring the (lovingly selected) music! This is my ‘I asked you to do one thing’ face, and as you can see, he is laughing at me. I just thought this captured moment was the…

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