Oh go on then… more free books

This is the BookFunnel link for some free historical fiction novels: https://books.bookfunnel.com/bighistoricalgiveaway/kb484fgafk

All you have to do is click on the link, and the books download to your Smartphone.

Here is the blurb for some of them:

The Innocents by Jaime Lorie Goza

To say my wits were at their end as I approached Grace’s father’s home for the second time doesn’t do justice to how I felt.The girl had an innocent beauty, and all I knew was I had to make her mine. Despite her father being a complete arse.My prayers were answered when we were married that day. Later that night, they were answered again as I made her my wife in the Biblical sense.Her body was captivating. Her virtue was clear. And she soon became the other part of me I’d been missing.But not all was as it seemed to be with my new wife. And when my brother brought his wife around, the Eden we’d found began to fade away. I was left wondering if bliss was as attainable as I thought it would be with Grace… *Jacob came for me one day, completely out of the blue.I went from taking care of our farm animals, to getting into a cold tub of water, preparing myself for marriage. All in the matter of a few minutes!Married and heading out to a home the young man said he’d built for us to live and raise a family in, I was in shock. And when night fell, my husband shocked me even further!Just as we were getting into married life and I was getting into my husband, his brother came into our lives and our home. Clair was my sister-in-law and would prove to be a challenge to me.All I wanted was Jacob to myself. All I got was ridiculed by my older and so she thought, wiser, nemesis…


Ernest Bradshaw has grit and determination, but best of all, Ernest Bradshaw has ambition, the ambition to become the next cycling champion to hail from 1960’s Lancashire. Problem is, the threat of nuclear war is looming – and his mother, Rose Bradshaw is petrified, will she allow Mr Potts the greengrocer to get closer to her? And what of the girl in the bobble hat? Does 1962 have a romance story for her, or does Ernest only love his bicycle? If you like a good, nostalgic story, you need to read ‘1962’ and join Ernest and the wonderful array of characters’ journey into life, love, the ups and downs of cycling with a backdrop of global uncertainty.1962 by Samantha Henthorn


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