Free Books Limited Time – click the link! Click this link, it will lead you to a page of free books that you can download to your smartphone, they are all historical fiction.

Here is the blurb for a few of them:

Fred and Leah by M J Dees

More about Fred and Leah by M J Dees
At a time of war, soldiers are not always the only casualties.
On September 3rd, 1939, Fred knew he would have no choice but to go to France and fight. However, when he found himself among the thousands of men stranded after the Dunkirk evacuation, he had no idea when he would see his wife Leah and his two children again.
Leah is left trying to raise her two children by herself but, even she can’t stop the bombs from falling on her street.
M J Dees’ fourth novel and his first historical novel, Fred and Leah, is based on a real life love story of two people whose lives were irrevocably altered by war.

Her Majesty's Quill by Mira Kanehl

More about Her Majesty’s Quill by Mira Kanehl
Delmar Lécuyer flees across the South Pacific, one heart-racing knot ahead of the law. At twenty-one, he’s an outlaw—for a crime he didn’t commit—instead of following his surgeon career. As the tormenting clutches of France dissolve in the wind, he reaches Honolulu in hope of a new life. When the monarchy refuses the French disembarking for being Catholics, Delmar is devastated. Then, by a stroke of luck, he’s called before Her Majesty. Will he win the gamble with fate to ensure his stay?
Her Majesty’s Quill is the first book in the historical fiction and magical realism series Naupaka that features an array of intercultural and compelling characters—from the surgeon protagonist to women pirates and Hawaiian magicians—that meet in a sizzling, historical context. If you like exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of early 19th-century medicine, and engaging urban fantasy, then you’ll love Mira Kanehl’s page-turning new series.
Unlock Her Majesty’s Quill to read Delmar’s latest adventure today!

You know what to do, click the link to download the books, I do!

Happy reading, Samantha xx


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