April Fools’ Book Promotion.


It is easy to click on the link, choose a book and download to your device. Some authors will want you to sign up to their newletter but that’s no biggie, they just want to give you more free books! Here are some that I have already read:

Book Cover

More about Three Maids in a Tub by Nathan Burrows

If your best friend offered you a free weekend on a cruise ship, you’d go – wouldn’t you?

This novella introduces Emily Underwood, Norfolk’s most unfortunate food inspector. Currently suspended from her job as an inspector at the Food Standards Agency after an incident which saw Delia Smith’s flagship restaurant closed down, Emily is offered a free weekend on a cruise ship. She jumps at the chance, but things aren’t quite as they seem.

An alcoholic broken-hearted Captain, an ex-Army Colonel with a wandering eye, and Emily’s gastro-intestinal emergencies all come together in a hysterical read. Lots of sex, lots of booze, and people from Norfolk. What could possibly go wrong?

This novella will make you think very carefully about ever going on a cruise. Or anywhere near Great Yarmouth.

Here’s my review: Five stars This book made me laugh. We meet Emily, the food standards agency inspector, she is currently suspended from her post – the reason is hilarious. Her flatmate is invited to go on a cruise, what a great way to spend her time off work! Ergh I was there! The writing was so good, I was imagining having stomach upsets on a boat, how would I cope? How did Emily cope? Missing cats, banging headboards, her friendship with Catherine, the drinking captain. Not to mention the shabby ship! Brilliant.

Book Cover

Get ready for some fairytale fun with this charming Cinderella-adjacent romance, from the winner of the Romantic Book of the Year.
Wilona d’Arella is a farm girl who loves growing apples the natural way at her family farm.
She meets a young song-of-a-Duke, all smug and patronising, but far too easy to look at. If only his body guards didn’t squash her over the sight of a harmless spider!
Fate brings them together again on the night of the Royal Christmas Ball, where the bachelor crown prince is to choose a bride from the dozens on offer. In front of everyone!
But wait, the crown prince looks like he’s choosing the wrong bride! Things are not going to plan at all – and all of a sudden his intended bride dashes off, dropping a shoe!
The crown prince gives chase to his limping dance partner, leaving Wilona and the rest of the royals baffled.
Plus, the family of one of the overlooked contestants hopeful brides, attacks the castle!
It’s on!
It’s the enduring and endearing Cinderella fairy tale as you never read it before. Fans of fairytales and reality dating shows will fall in love.

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Here’s my review:

This book is short and silly but in a good way. Wilona is part of a large farming family where spiders help to grow apples. Set in a make-believe world, an eligible prince (with arachnophobia) pops along to the market one day. I thought I was reading a fairy story at one point, but this is a tongue-in-cheek short, I’m sure there’s a message in here somewhere, I just enjoyed the silliness!

Book Simulator by Chris Yee

Learn how to convince your friends that you’re an avid reader without reading a single word. Utilize techniques like page turning, eye movement, and note taking. Book Simulator includes interactive exercises that allow you to practice. Impress your friends and master the art of book simulation.

It’s lying. Don’t trust it.

For a fun, quirky satire with looming secrets and an unthinkable twist, get Book Simulator today.

Here’s my review:

In a world full of fakers with their screens in-situ this tongue-in-cheek read really made me smile. It isn’t a story, I’m not sure what to call it! Funny though! I’m not sure that pretending to read would ever work though, in my experience, reading or writing is something that (frustratingly) others think can be interrupted at any time. If I had to say anything, this book need not have been as long as it was, yes, I know that was part of the joke but that’s my observation.

Happy reading everyone! Samantha xx

PS more of this wonderful promotion during this month



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