April Fools’ Book Giveaway #indieApril

Still going! Free books

Samantha Henthorn finds the right words

First, let me give you the link: Click HERE for free books (a few more clicks straight to your device. One of my books ‘The Harold and Edith Adventures’ is included in this promo, exciting news if you already claimed book number one in the Curmudgeon Avenue series for free because this is book number TWO!

There are about twenty books being given away for free here’s a bit of blurb from a few of them:

Book Cover

I’ve just started reading this one, a strong and amusing start! Here’s the blurb:

During one of the worst years on record in the academic job market, newly-minted PhD Rowena Halley has, against all odds, gotten a job. For one semester. At poverty wages. In New Jersey. But with so many of her fellow PhDs bagging groceries—or worse—instead of teaching Russian, this is the best chance she has.

New jobs come with a lot…

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