April Book Giveaway

Still going!

Samantha Henthorn finds the right words

Click this link THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!and grab yourself a few free books before the offer runs out!

Book Cover

The acerbic diary of a grumpy old rock star, his dysfunctional band and the reunion tour from hell… get onboard for a brutal laugh riot!

(Don’t forget to click the above link to get this one for free)

Fun Stories (Fun Pack) by R. Scott MurphyThe Anniversary by Ahava Trivedi

He’s only funny when he’s someone else’s joke.

Campus Confidential by Sid Stark

And this one: Campus Confidential by Sid Stark. Here’s the blurb:

During one of the worst years on record in the academic job market, newly-minted PhD Rowena Halley has, against all odds, gotten a job. For one semester. At poverty wages. In New Jersey. But with so many of her fellow PhDs bagging groceries—or worse—instead of teaching Russian, this is the best chance she has.

New jobs come with a lot of stress, everyone knows that. But Rowena has more problems than just learning her…

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