#BookReview A Dastardly Dog Napping by Jordan Wood. The Start of Something Fun! #BookFunnel promotion

Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday,

The Start of Something Fun book promotion is here again with another book review this time A Dastardly Dog Napping by Jordan Wood. (click the link in pink to see the books.


As you can see from the poster, this promotion runs up until the 12th of April. I am going to read as many of the books I can. Here is one I finished yesterday and a little review by me.

A Dastardly Dognapping by Jordan Wood

Samantha Henthorn‘s review

Apr 08, 2020  ·  edit
it was amazing *****
A heart-warming uplifting story about a St Bernard x who is dognapped from an apartment block where Helen, Gloria and Rita live and loathe their neighbour Harold. The storyline weaves humorously around in search of the beloved Gunther doggy. The characters all have entertaining quirks and foibles. Local cafes and cleaners are implicated, Grandaughters love lives are scrutinised. This book is a fab light read (that’s a positive) about a cosy mystery involving a dog.
A Dastardly Dognapping: Grammy B. Cozy Mystery Series: Book One by [Jordan Wood]
The Blurb: 
Money. Anger. Bitterness. A possible illegal dognapping cartel run by the local pound. What is the reason that Gunther was stolen? Nobody knows, but there’s plenty of motives floating around Helen and Rita’s home town and it’s up to them to solve the case.

Helen Boyko just wants to mind her own business. Yet, when her neighbour’s dog, Gunther, goes missing and Helen’s eccentric best friend, Rita Hawthorne, offers to find out who took him; Helen finds herself drawn against her will into a tangled web of dognapping and hijinks.

As Helen and Rita’s search for Gunther progresses, it becomes apparent that there is more to this crime than a simple, random dognapping. Someone actually may have more nefarious intentions towards Gunther’s owner. Will Rita and Helen be able to solve this mystery before something worse happens?

This cozy mystery is for fans of light-hearted, humorous mysteries with razor-sharp, elderly sleuths that have a proclivity towards hilarious antics and situations.

About Jordan Wood I’ve added her Goodreads author page there for you to click on (pink writing). 
Jordan Wood is an author who loves to write Cozy Mysteries with a touch (or more) of humour. When you delve into one of her books, you’re guaranteed a fun ride where you never know what twist or turn the characters are going to take. If you’re looking for a fast read that will make you laugh, pick up one of her books and lose yourself in a world of mystery and adventure.

When Jordan isn’t writing, she enjoys heading out with her husband on their own adventures, looking for inspiration for her next book. Addicted to new experiences, Jordan is willing to try anything – whatever that may be. If you have any suggestions for her on new things to try, drop her a line on the contact page.
Don’t forget, my book Curmudgeon Avenue  – about a grouchy, yet proud Victorian terrace, is also on the promotion. 978-1717745552
Happy reading and see you next time when I review another book from the promotion.

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