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Hello again, as promised I have read and reviewed another book from the BookFunnel promotion that my book Curmudgeon Avenue is part of.  Running until the 12th of April 20, lets see what I thought of cosy mystery Ghost Mortem by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn. 

My little review: *****

First of all – I really enjoyed the naming of this book – Ghost Mortem! Hilarious! and Haunted Everly After! Just brilliant, I think we can all play around with ghostly words but this book has it just right. Who doesn’t love a friendly ghost? Blimey, the one who ends up haunting Everly is scary for a whole new reason – the past. Shudder, I for one would rather be haunted by an actual ghost, yet this made for a fab storyline. As the text says ‘Never, in the history of ever, has telling someone to calm down resulted in the desired effect’ (quote from chapter 12) well, poor Everyly has reason to be vexed. Husband does the unthinkable, she loses her job car and home. She’s all fired up and has just the right amount of tragedy in her head to be a supersleuth ghost mystery solver!

The Blurb:

You might not believe in ghosts, but sometimes they believe in you…

A whole life can change in a single day. When Everly Dupree’s marriage implodes, moving back to her hometown of Mooselick River and staying with her parents for a little while seems like a good idea.

Offered the chance to buy the town’s haunted house for the back taxes, Everly signs on the dotted line and thinks things are looking up. But before she can move into her new place, the dead body of Hudson Montayne, her high-school sweetheart, turns up in the next motel room.

This is as bad as gets, she thinks, until Hudson’s ghost comes haunting and refuses to leave until she helps find his killer. Will Everly solve the crime? Or will the end of her story read, and she lived Haunted Everly After?

If you like plucky heroines, lovable characters, and ghostly mysteries, you’ll love this cozy, paranormal series.



ReGina WellingReGina Welling is transplanted Mainer, now living in Central New York with her husband and her dog (who thinks he owns the house and all the people belong to him). She is a mixed media artist who also loves to read and writes sweet romances with a paranormal or mystery element.

She enjoys talking to other readers so please visit her in any one of these various places and don’t forget to let her know you stopped by!

Website: http://www.reginawelling.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ReGinaWellingAuthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ReGinaWelling

Join me on the 12th when I review the final book from this promotion that I have read. Don’t forget to click this link : The Start of Something Fun! Promotion.

Happy reading, Samantha.

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