#BookReview #Lesfic Book Fair. Fake Girlfriend by Clara Reese #IARTG

First, let me share the LINK for this exciting Lesfic book fair here it is AGAIN if you missed it. Nine contemporary romance novels about women. One of my books Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue is part of this promotion. Edna loves Genevieve, they move to France and have an adventure!

Anyway, back to the book in question. Last week, I read Fake Girlfriend by Clara Reese. I’m really sorry, Clara but I couldn’t find you on Twitter but have added Amazon author page at the end of this.

Fake Girlfriend Kindle Edition

The Blurb:

It wasn’t just my first time at Club Trillium, Portland’s premiere lesbian hotspot.
It was also my first night out of the closet.
I’ve never even kissed anyone, let alone another girl.

Then, two powerful billionaires spot me.
They have a PR problem and need a fake girlfriend to show the world they’ve “settled down.”
There’s just one problem with the arrangement: I want to make it real.

My little review:


A steamy novel set in Seattle (which I believe to be a city of either wealth or poverty). Wow! Molly is a character all set up with ‘vulnerable’ written all over her. She works in an artsy bookshop as a barista (books and coffee, nice!) But her boss is a real creep. Molly is young, bisexual and hiding this because she is worried this would upset her Grandmother. Molly also owns a cat called Lucky, which I enjoyed as a nice touch to her character. The book opens with Molly’s first visit to Club Trillium this place is fancy and she feels out of her league. Two women are staring at her…
This is not an uncomplicated romance, it turns out the two wealthy women are Vanessa and Jamie, a married couple who are famously run a successful company (I’m not sure what – I think I missed that). Vanessa and Jamie have been in the tabloids recently because of their extreme lifestyle. The story is that they hire Molly to make it appear as though they are behaving respectably. My mind was all over the place feeling sorry for Molly!

Basically, it is a bit steamy!

Clara Reese

Clara Reese lives in the land of waterfalls, mountains, and rocky beaches otherwise known as the pacific northwest. When she isn’t chilling at breweries, hanging with her friends, or hiking, she can be found curled up in a corner, reading a book with her cat on her lap.

Here is the link for Clara Reese’s Amazon page Clara Reese Amazon

OR, you can click HERE until the 31st of May 2020

Happy reading, Samantha xx

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