#BookReview Daddy’s Great Escape by John Martin plus promo codes @JohnMartinfict #IARTG

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Thank you for joining me on the second day of the Summer Armchair Escapes promotion. Curmudgeon Avenue Book One is tickled pink to be part of this promotion. As you may know, Edna and Genevieve announce their escape to France at the end of the book and arrive in France during book three Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue.

There are some fab books in this promotion, I have read three of them. They are on special offer until the 28th of June 20. Before I review Daddy’s Great Escape by John Martin here is the link for the books HERE IS THE LINK FOR ALL 34 BOOKS

Daddy's Great Escape by John Martin

It is Father’s day today!

The Blurb:


What starts as a relaxing day for a father-to-be ends badly when he is chased into the bay by an angry mob.

The good news is he is rescued by a trawler — but the bad news is the captain refuses to turn around because he is headed for open sea on a fishing trip

The problem is Ralph has to get home for the birth of his daughter in this dark comedy.

His rising anxiety doesn’t improve when he ends up on an island ruled by a gun-toting old man.

This book was previously published as Escape from Mad Bill’s Island but it has had a facelift. It is now is the third in the Funny Capers DownUnder series but you can pick the story up right here.

My review Five Stars

You’ll Never Guess What Happened to Me Today!

Brilliant! Football referee Ralph’s wife Maria is pregnant with a due date of Christmas day… however, Ralph finds himself on a boat. He thinks he has been rescued from an angry footy crowd but no! He is the captain’s prisoner. (That’s how they used to employ pirates you know). Set on a boat, but mainly a little island I found this location hilariously framed the plot. Ralph swims to ‘safety’ after his entertaining escape from the disgusting boat. But he isn’t safe. The land is not the mainland and the only person there is Senator Mad Bill. A great character, he doesn’t mind being called ‘Mad’ but do not call him ‘Senator’ whatever you do! You will be surprised and entertained by how many characters show up on this island. All different and all brilliant. I thought the length of this book was just right for the dark comedy genre and I am pleased there is more. A three-part series, the rest is on my list. A farcical and funny dip into excuses men give for absent behaviour.

I thought this book was awesome, we are all feeling woe because we can’t go on holiday this year. This story is about an unwanted trip and is really funny. Click HERE to get it!

About John Martin.

I have just found John on Twitter @JohnMartinfict

John Martin


Australian​ John Martin writes funny novels with a twist of mystery and sometimes with a dollop of whodunnit.

He is a former newspaper journalist who is now free to be frivolous. Home is Canberra but he started life and work in Tasmania.

Martin has two storylines in progress — the Tasmanian Tiger Windy Mountain series and the Funny Capers DownUnder series — plus a collection of short stories and a collaboration with six funny US and UK authors.

Most of his books carry the colourful, comical cover-art of Maria Connors.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope you enjoy your Summer Armchair Escapes
Happy reading, Samantha xx
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