Summer Armchair Escapes with Margaret Lashley. Today, Italy! #BookReview #Bookpromo

Hello from sunny Bury!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. Here I am again sharing my staff discount. These 34 BOOKS  are all on special offer until the 28th of June – tomorrow!

They have all been written to uplift you to a place of escapism.

Speaking of escapism, I recently started reading Margaret Lashley’s Val Fremden series.

Absolute Zero: Misadventures From A Broad Is part of this promotion (Click the title to buy).

Absolute Zero: Misadventures From A Broad (A Val Fremden Novel) by [Margaret Lashley]

The blurb:

La Dolce Vita or Bust.

We’ve all dreamed of ditching everything and running off to another country. But almost no one actually does.

Well, Val feels like she’s almost no one. Invisible to her husband and dissatisfied with her life, deep in her soul Val yearns to be someone else. Someone sexy. Someone happy.

With only her favorite romance novel to guide her, Val decides Italy is the perfect place for some relaxation, romance and reinvention. But she soon finds out that handsome men, like life, have plans of their own.

In the race to rediscover herself, what awaits Val at the finish line may be a completely unexpected type of victory…. Will Val score a home run? Or will she just want to run home?

If you’ve ever dreamed of ditching your life and running off to Europe, now’s your chance! Join Val on a roller-coaster ride through Europe that will leave you gasping! From gut-busting hilarity to gut–wrenching gaffs, finding yourself again is always worth the price of admission. Get your ticket now!

Absolute Zero is a full-length, stand-alone novel. It’s also the funny, yet often heart-wrenching prequel to the hilarious Val Fremden Mystery Series. Absolute Zero is not itself a mystery, per se. (Unless you count the mystery of why in the world we do the crazy things we do!) This novel is a satirical look at starting over after forty. Just like life, it’s full of ups and downs. It’s told through the eyes of a sharp-witted, reluctantly redneck woman who’s always played it safe – until now. Freedom comes at a great price for Val. Will it be worth it? Well, that’s up to you….

Pick up a copy and come along for a tour of Italy, Germany and the human heart.

Praise for Absolute Zero:

“With quick wit, pages of adventures, dialogue that sucked me into the scenes, and descriptions that created the most hilarious visuals, Absolute Zero is an every woman’s tale of rediscovery.” USA Today Bestselling author Pamela Crane

“I have long been an Evanovich fan and she is my go to author when someone asks for a book recommendation without telling me what genre they prefer. Now, I can add Margaret Lashley to that very short list.”

“Loved it. Couldn’t stop, had to see what happened next.”
“This character makes you proud to be a woman.”
“Want a good laugh and a new friend? Grab this.”
“Her characters are lovable and believable and you cheer, and cry, along with them.”
“Wonderful book. Had me at the first paragraph.”
“If you like Marie Force, you’ll like this author.”

This first book can be read as a standalone. The other books in the series follow Val to America where she becomes an amateur sleuth. 

Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term (Val Fremden Mysteries Book 1) Kindle Edition

My little review of Absolute Zero; Misadventures of A Broad


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 June 2020

About the author:

Margaret Lashley

Margaret Lashley’s Amazon page

About Margaret Lashley

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A lover of laughter and aficionado of the absurd, author Margaret Lashley brings her unique, sideways look at the world to the page in her hilarious, best-selling Val Fremden Mystery Series and Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures. She also tackles the dark side of life with thrilling, page-turning tales of psychological suspense in Mind’s Eye Investigators.

More on Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures: As a native of the Sunshine State, Margaret was weened on weird! She brings her extensive background in the redneck subculture to bear in this sidesplitting “Florida Man versus The X-Files” series!

More on the Val Fremden Series: Each book in this absurdist humor mystery series is jam-packed with plot twists and laughs you’ll never see coming. But what really sets the Val Fremden series apart are the quirky, flawed characters you’ll no doubt recognize as someone you know.

More on Mind’s Eye Investigators: The first book in the series, What She Forgot, tackles arachnophobia and mommy issues of the psychotic kind. It also introduces Deanna Young, a New York psychologist, and her unlikely new companions, two Florida investigators named Blatch and Smalls. You’ll never think of spiders in the same way again! While it’s peppered with sharp humor, make no mistake. Mind’s Eye Investigators will have you on the edge of your seat.

Moth Busters Excerpt by Margaret Lashley

Margaret has another book available in this series MOTH BUSTERS (Click on the title)




My book Curmudgeon Avenue  is honoured to be part of this promotion. Once described as a soap opera on speed this social satire is an easy and uplifting read.

Thank you for joining me on this summer armchair escapes promotion,

Happy reading, and stay safe, Samantha xx


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