July Beach Reads #Promo I Am All Over The HOLIDAY Reads (despite lockdown)

Happy July!

At the risk of inviting you to a cheese and wine party with no cheese, please have a look at this fab July beach reads promotion. With 79 books to choose from (including Curmudgeon Avenue #1)  it is time to kick off your flip flops, grab a cocktail (or cup of tea) and lie back on your sun lounger/deckchair… or couch.

upside down photo of a woman
Photo by Criativithy on Pexels.com

Click HERE to peruse the books they are all on special offer.

men s gray and black button up shirt on mannequin
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Join me next Wednesday when I review one of the books The Daughter-in-Law Syndrome by Stevie Turner

The Daughter-in-law Syndrome by [Stevie Turner]

Wow! Look at that cover… I wonder what they have fallen out about? *I get on with my mother-in-law 🙂

sea landscape beach holiday
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

Actual footage of where I will be reading this book.

Here are some of the other covers (but don’t click the covers click HERE to buy).

Love Offline: A fun, feel-good romantic comedy: Looking For Romance In Real LifeGo On, Girl: A Novel (Forest River PTA Moms)


Ghosted: She’s always there for you...until she vanishes - an unputdownable chick lit medical-themed bookHeroes Wear Stethoscopes by JM Spade

The Woman Who Lost Her Love: a heartwarming and uplifting new release978-1717745552

I don’t know why some of those pictures have come out big and small.

Looking forward to catching up next week with my review of The Daughter-in-Law Syndrome

Maybe you’ll get the chance to read one of these books too?

Happy reading, Samantha xx


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