Need a Laugh? I do! Book Funnel Promo August 20 plus #BookReview of Beyond Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

This is the link for 30 fun books on offer during August

Or click HERE if you prefer to do it that way.

I have already read a few of these books and today I would like to share my review of Beyond Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Beyond Dead by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

What a fab cover!

Here is the blurb:

Dead, snarky heroine? Check.

Dead, sarcastic BFF? Check. 

Murdered ghost stuffed in a locker? Check.

Death is not what Bridget Sway expected. Not at all.

The afterlife is a mess of bureaucracy littered with nonsensical rules. It’s a fashion disaster for a uniform and a job that doesn’t pay. It’s a heinous communal living situation with housemates who have no concept of privacy or personal space. And it’s a handsome parole officer who is a stickler for those nonsensical rules that no one has bothered to explain.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, someone has stuffed a dead ghost in her locker … and the afterlife police are ready to pin the murder on her.

spooky ghost
Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili on

Here is my little 5* review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. Bridget Sway dies unexpectedly when she is run over by a bus. Not only was she not expecting to die, she wasn’t expecting what happens in the afterlife, becoming involved in murder and mystery. And did you know that ghosts have jobs? Very funny and very well written.


This promotion runs until the 31st of August, here are some more of the books featured.

I was a Teenage Zombie Vegetarian Detective by H. M. GoodenBlokes in Donegal by John Martin

A Good Demon Is Hard to Find by Kate Moseman

A Dame Called Derek by Kerrie Noor

Curmudgeon Avenue (The Terraced House Diaries - Book One) by Samantha Henthorn

Check out me sneaking my own book in at the end there!

Join me next week when I review another book from this promo.

Happy reading, Samantha xx


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