Sounds of Summer Audio Book Sale Plus #BookReview Audrey Kalman @audreykalman Tiny Shoes Dancing and Other Stories

Hello everyone!

In May this year, my first audio book was released Curmudgeon Avenue #1: The Terraced House Diaries. Ever keen to find out what other authors are doing, I have joined a promotion for audio books called ‘Sounds of Summer’ How fabulous is that!

Click on the above link to check out the titles.

The first book that I have listened to from the promo is called Tiny Shoes Dancing and Other Stories by Audrey Kalman. Unlike me, Audrey has narrated her own book, and it sounds awesome.

Tiny Shoes Dancing by Audrey Kalman

Great cover too!

The Blurb

Jody catalogues her parental failures as she worries whether her ballet-crazed teen daughter will make it onto the stage. C.J. adopts his dead grandmother’s dog, risking eviction but opening himself to the possibility of love. Brianna uses a spoonful of pudding as a weapon. Judy begins a secret life as an erotica writer. Jake’s Bar Mitzvah preparations reveal tensions that threaten to split his family.

The women, men, children, dogs, and cats in these stories fight their worst impulses, circle each other warily, and occasionally connect. They struggle to make sense of the world and their place in it, with results sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, and always relatable.

This collection of short fiction from novelist Audrey Kalman opens a door on ordinary worlds turned extraordinary, where deeper meaning hides beneath everyday conversations and the possibility of tragedy—and redemption—is always close at hand.

I have read a bit and listened a bit to this book that is the great thing about Whyspersync you can go from one to another. I enjoyed it all

Here is my little review: 5*s

Everyone needs short stories and these quality pieces are narrated too. Tiny Shoes Dancing and Other Stories are 21 short literary fictions with an added dark twist. I enjoyed them all but particularly memorable is the title story. Pushy parents, ambitious daughters who ‘manage to sound both snarky and guilty’ (brilliant). Body image is dramatically highlighted. Untitled Erotica is hilarious as is Mistress Mine about a reincarnated jealous dog. The Appointed Time and Place really made me smile ‘For an underwear model, he had a lovely face.’
Audrey Kalman has the great skill of creating a world inside a few pages and this is only enhanced by her narration of the whole book. Her voice sounds like a famous actor – maybe she is!

Thank you for reading I would love to know if your are a fan of audio books.

Samantha xx

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