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Hello everyone!

As promised, I have returned this week because the Sounds of Summer Audiobook Sale is still underway.

Eight books are available in both Kindle and audio formats so do check out the link.

This week I will be reviewing Ghosted by J.E. Rowney which is part of the audiobook promotion.

Ghosted by J.E. Rowney by J.E. Rowney

But! Before I do, I am honoured to share some other news from the same author.

J.E. Rowney has recently released another new book Called Life Lessons.

Free book alert! “Life Lessons” is free to download for a limited time.

Violet dreams of being a midwife. All she has to do is overcome her anxiety and self-doubt, and get through three years at uni. With best friend Zoe by her side, can Violet succeed in making her dreams come true?Download from Amazon for free:

Start reading the series today for free.

This is free until TOMMOROW the 2nd of September 2020 so Make sure you click the above link 🙂

Speaking of links, let me give you the Sounds of Summer Audio Book Sale link again:

Ghosted by J E Rowney is a book that I have just finished and reviewed.

Ghosted by J.E. Rowney

The Blurb:

Fans of “Call the Midwife” or “This is Going to Hurt” will love this book.

Ghosted is a new adult British chick lit suspense novel with a twist of medical drama.

Expect an unputdownable emotional page-turner that you will love and characters that you will root for every step of the way.

Violet and Zoe are best friends, joined at the hip…until Zoe vanishes.

Meanwhile Violet struggles to juggle a new relationship and a demanding job as a midwife, where she meets a mum-to-be who faces her own unexpected challenges.

Who can Violet turn to? Who can help her to find out what lies behind Zoe’s mysterious disappearance? This is a story with twists and turns. A story of friendship. A story of trust.

Violet has been through more than her share of toxic relationships. She’s worked hard to land her dream job as a midwife. Her best friend Zoe has been with her through thick and thin.

Zoe seems to have it all. She loves her job as a teacher. She’s petite and gorgeous and she is married to Luke, who is dependable, attractive and pretty much perfect.

Things start to unravel when Zoe suddenly vanishes, exactly when Violet needs her most…

Violet meets a mum-to-be who is facing catastrophe and chaos. How will Violet cope without Zoe? Who can help her to find out what has happened to her best friend?

This story contains suspense, drama, tension, and a friendship between two characters that reader will root for every step of the way.

Chick lit, with a twist of suspense.

All that and a smattering of medical drama too…what more could you want for your next read of 2020?

This is an emotional page-turner, which has been described as “chick lit with a splash of medical drama”. Violet is a midwife, and the book has insights into her work world alongside the main plot.

My little review: 5*****

Violet and Zoe are best mates and have been since forever. They have a routine – coffee at the same cafe every week they go to the gin festival every year AND they know everything about one another. After a break-up Violet meets Matt. Worrying that she’s on the rebound (and how fast it’s going) Violet decides not to tell Zoe about her new love interest. When Violet finally comes clean, Zoe disappears. Zoe has completely ghosted Violet.

The start of this book provides a perfect preamble to the plot. We get to know Violet and Zoe’s characters and it is a shock when Zoe disappears (even though I knew this would happen because that’s the title). I could sort of see the end – but I didn’t want to believe it because I was already invested! That’s how well written the characters are.

A subplot is introduced at Violet’s job (she’s a midwife) and this served to help me understand Violet’s apprehension. There are some beautiful analogies in the prose which made it all the more enjoyable.

I chose to read the Kindle version, but Ghosted is available as an audiobook. I had a quick listen to the sample and it’s of a very high quality clear and I would say a ‘standard’ English accent.

Thank you for reading everyone don’t forget to claim your free book,

Happy reading, Samantha xx

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