Meet the Author: Samantha Henthorn

Made my day! Wonderful Sue’s Book Blog invited me to talk about my new book The World Does Not Revolve Around Curmudgeon Avenue. What an 🎖 honour 😊

Sue's Book Blog

I am excited to have Samantha Henthorn with me here today. She is a kind soul who has written an entertaining series of books and more. Let’s learn about her.

Sue: Have you always been a writer?

Samantha: No, I haven’t always been a writer. I was a nurse for twenty years, but in 2014 I accepted early retirement due to having MS. I joined a creative writing course which was at my local library and not too taxing and I’ve been writing ever since. After some of my short stories and poems were published in magazines I decided to have a go at self-publishing and my first book Piccalilly: A Remembrance Day Story was released in 2016. I have written short stories, one standalone novella and now my 5 (soon to be 6) part series Curmudgeon Avenue

Sue: Tell us about your wonderful series and…

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  1. OOh, a celebrity 😀 An interesting read and a lovely photo too. I like how you came up with Curmudgeon Avenue – being stuck in traffic is great for inspiration, seeing those same houses gives you a chance to imagine just what is going on inside. And what’s the tattoo??

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