Don’t You Just Love October? Halloween #BookReview of Trick or Treat Murder (A Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Book 3) by Rachel Woods. Plus a Handy Promo.

There is something about this time of year, cosying up as the nights draw in with a book that will only give you nightmares. Go on, admit it… you like Books With a Halloween Twist click the bold letters or this link to discover 41 spooky books. Some cosy, some terrifying. All available on special offer until Halloween.

I have read one from the promotion (which started yesterday) so far.

Trick or Treat Murder (A Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Book 3) by Rachel Woods.

Trick or Treat Murder (A Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Rachel Woods]

The Blurb:

Trick or Treat?

Palmchat Gazette reporter Roland “Beanie” Bean is excited to take his kids, Ethan and Evan, trick-or-treating, but his excitement turns to concern when he discovers a human finger among the candy the boys collected!

Days later, Beanie learns that the finger belongs to someone he knows—Joshua Howard, a missing student who was interning at the Palmchat Gazette before he disappeared.

Beanie plans to find the intern, but soon he’s assigned to a shocking murder–a dead body in the jungle. Beanie heads to the crime scene and realizes he recognizes the victim as his new neighbor, Ivan Volkov.

As Beanie looks into the death of Volkov, he uncovers a strange connection between his neighbor and the missing intern.

Racing to discover the truth, Beanie is stunned when he learns the missing intern and his dead neighbor are linked to a heinous serial killer known as The Fury. But when he comes face to face with the murderer, Beanie must outwit a deranged maniac determined to make sure that secrets buried long ago stay hidden.

Trick or Treat Murder is a contemporary whodunit murder mystery novel in the Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Series, but can be read as a standalone. With lots of clues and red herrings, it features plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end! Get your copy today!


My little 5* review:

Roland ‘Beanie’ Bean (great name) is a journalist at the Palmchat Gazette. (I’m not sure if Palmchat is fictional or not). The opening of the story is adorable. Roland and Noelle work as a team to get their two sons ready on Halloween to go trick or treating. This is the cosy part of the story I suppose because imagine the horror of finding a human finger in your son’s trick or treat bucket! Beanie then spends the next few days trying to find out whodunnit. This involves the intern he works with – and his needy girlfriend.
Solid characters, and as for the setting – great. Wherever this place is, I can imagine a jungle, sleepy retirement bungalows, oh! Did I mention one of the neighbours has extra sharp teeth?

Rachel Woods
Photo from Rachel Woods’ Amazon UK page.

Thank you for reading this short blog, don’t forget to click on the links for Books With a Halloween Twist

Join me next week when I review another one from the promotion – or before if you want to read about other random stuff!

Happy reading, Samantha xx

PS sorry Rachel Woods, I couldn’t find you on Twitter.

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  1. So I got your book! I’m about a third the way through and it’s great. Like a soap opera with ghosts (which is what soap operas need) oh and very funny. Can I do a blog about it? I’m not good at reviews, but it’s a lot of fun so that inspires me.


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