I Used To Be Scared of Goodreads

When I started my indie author journey four years ago, I had an awful experience.

It all started with my first ever bash and self publishing. I wrote a novella called ‘Piccalilly: A Remembrance Day Story’ . Having had a short story published in a national magazine and a few other bits locally and for charity, I felt this was the natural way to go. I just wanted to see if I could do it – and before I knew it, I had done it. I had published a book!

Then… before I knew it, I had my first ever review – a TWO star rating (no review) just a rating, my first ever one on Goodreads. And it was from someone I knew! Even though I accept low ratings are part of the whole picture, I think everyone (authors) will understand why I stayed off Goodreads for a while.

But this was wrong! And now I visit Goodreads nearly every day both as a reader and a writer. And I have made some amazing connections.

I recently listened to a Webinar by best selling author Alessandra Torre about using Goodreads. I learnt loads and realised that Goodreads is worth exploring. In the last few weeks I have been making friends, as highlighted on the course mentioned above, Goodreads is Facebook for people who like reading.

I have joined two groups – for indie authors who love reading the first is called Indie Authors At The Round Table

How does it work? For every book you add to the Group Bookstore, you agree to review WITHIN ONE MONTH OF ADDING YOUR BOOK(S), someone else’s, the upside being you can select any book you want from the Group Bookstore. Nobody is forced to buy/read a book they don’t want to read. Post the reviews here and on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, any other sites.

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

The second group is called Get Reviews!

Let me know if you are an indie author who wants to join either or both these groups – or just join them. I was invited by another author so I think that’s how it works. You can friend, follow or send me a message on Goodreads HERE😊

The only thing that is still doing my head in about Goodreads, is that I have been unable to update my covers and blurbs.

Well, I must go and do some actual writing.

Happy reading, Samantha xx


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