Free Funny Fall Reads (from now until the 5th of December).

Honestly, I am so bored today. I’ve got plenty to do, but everything I start, I just get distracted and move on to something else to half finish. It has just gone 2pm here in the UK, soon, I will be slipping into my pyjamas so that I can just read a book and relax.

Recently, I joined a promotion with 25 other authors giving away their books. the promotion is called Free Funny Fall Reads and if you click on the bold writing, you’ll be able to download some free books for yourself.

My novelette ‘Curmudgeon Avenue’s #Manchesterlockdown is on the list and I’m very happy to be in this promotion!

The residents are idiots, the city (now the country) is in lockdown. Will they cope with the pandemic?

An Extract from Curmudgeon Avenue’s #Manchesterlockdown

Chapter 5: The Struggle is Real

Tanya ‘Wantha’ Rose had always taken pride in her appearance. So imagine her distress now that she is unable to get her roots topped up as she usually would. Then! Krystina upsets Wantha makes a passing comment about the do-it-yourself hair dye she had been using…

     ‘Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!’ Wantha shouted out her amore’s name.

     ‘I’m here, dickhead,’ to be fair, Ricky was sitting right next to Wantha.

     ‘Oh, I needs you to get me some hair dye, innit.’ Wantha said.

     ‘Why? Aww, I don’t know about women’s things, Wantha,’ Ricky protested.

     ‘What is this?’ Wantha clicked her fingers around Ricky’s head.

     ‘Please don’t make me go to the shops again, Wantha.’

     ‘I is not asking you to buy me private sanitary things. I just want you to get me some hair dye! Look at me,’ Wantha removed her designer scarf to reveal dark roots and the sorry sight of hand-dyed brights that had caught her bleached tresses. ‘Do you want Wantha Rose to go around like this? Is that it Ricky Ricketts?’ Wantha had started speaking about herself in the third person, so Ricky knew he had to obey.

     ‘Fine.’ Ricky put his jeans on to leave the house.

     ‘Wait one second, Ricky… TOONAN!’ Wantha shouted into her mobile phone. ‘Ricky’s goin’ shop for hair dye shall I get him to fetch you some?’

Covers from other books in the promotion

Charmed: Tales from Quarantine and Other Short Fiction by Caren Hahn
The Almost True Tales, Thoughts, and Observations of a Lifelong Black Sheep Rebel Girl by Rachel Hutcheson
Whoever Finds the Wicked by Lotta Smith

There are loads more, don’t forget this free book promotion runs until the 5th of December,

Happy reading, Samantha xx

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