Books Books Books

This is the link you need to get your hands on a little bit of free reading.

Twenty great authors have teamed up to offer a free sample of their books. Free samples = FREE and you only have to do a bit of reading in these brain aching times…

I have previously read novels by three of the authors, Stevie Turner, M J Dees and J E Rowney, and I cannot wait to read Ryan R Campbell’s short story collection when it is released on the 8th of March.

And, I am also giving away a sample of my short story collection Quirky Tales to Make Your Day the sample is one of the stories ‘Midget Gems’ which is about three teenagers who find some sweets in a lift… What would you do? (Probably not eat them in the current climate!) My story, Midget Gems was longlisted for the 1000 Word Challenge writing competition in 2016.

Join me next week when I review one of the author’s books from this promotion, and don’t forget to click on the link to get yourself some free reading!

Happy reading, and see you next week. Samantha

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