From France With Love (book promotion #bookreview) #IARTG

We are not quite there yet… holidays… this is why I am bringing you a book promotion about books set in France. (March 1st-31st 2021)

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Twenty one novelists have joined together to share news of their books – all set in France.

I was lucky enough to sneak a look at the titles and have already read one of them…

Hotel Deja Vu by Christine Betts is a unique story of friendship, France and time travel.

Hotel Déjà Vu by [Christine Betts]

‘If you love Paris, read this book!’ ~Danielle Rodriguez

Edith Piaf may have had no regrets, but those who make their way to the Hotel Déjà vu seem to have a few.


As Paris burns, Antoinette finds herself back in 1933. Will her hastily scribbled memories help change the outcome of the war? 

Only time will tell.


Artist Karen is desperate to change her shattered life. She makes her way to the house with the blue door and uses her second chance to create a better life.

She discovers not everyone wants to be saved.


When Rachel brings her latest tour group to stay at the Hotel Déjà Vu, she comes face to face with her own past. While wandering the City of Lights, shopping, and drinking champagne, they all remember how to have fun again.

Some remember what they really wanted from life…

…and some decide to go back and do it all again.

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Some words from this books Amazon page ~

Product description


Combining the intrigue and sass of Sex & the City, Paris style, with the psychological mind trip of Sliding Doors. Christine Betts weaves a colourful tapestry through the adventures of a diverse group of women, each touring in search of a slice of heaven; for some, a final escape in the heart of France. Pulling on one thread affects the whole, as characters collide. All is not as it seems; not when time itself is malleable. Would you go back to a happier moment; fix the wrongs, shun addiction and create a masterpiece, make your life beautiful? Read on before you decide… “Life is a series of choices; one taken, one thousand missed…” Annie Smit, Goodreads

5 stars – J’aime Paris

It’s a great read. If you love Paris, read this book! I’ve recommended it already to friends and family. Danielle Rodriguez, Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I really felt carried away with the story in this book and wanted to keep reading it to finish it, I love books that have travel in them and thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it as a light-hearted read. Deborah Petrie-Godbolt–This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Author

Christine Betts is an Australian writer who left her heart in Paris years ago. Usually found at the beach or a cafe, she writes about strong women, travel, love and loss, art, history and is obsessed with France in general and Paris in particular. You can find her on Facebook by searching Paris Time Travel and she writes about art, creativity and personal-development over at She is a work in progress. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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My review five *s

What Would You Change if You Could go Back?

A unique story beautifully written. Deja vu is such an intriguing phenomenon, imagine if you could apply this to your life and get a chance to do things all over again… Imagine if you could do this in a hotel in Paris!
Although there are supernatural elements in this story, the plotlines are really about love, life, and friendships.
The first character, Antionette, takes us back to 1944- and 1933. Then Karen’s life falls apart in 1990 when her friend goes missing. Her second chance brings new friends. In 2016, Rachel was a tour-group leader who gets a second and different chance with Alex.
Plenty of champagne, a ‘Mere du temps’ art show, rain and the Eiffel Tower, Antionette’s sister is called Marie, which made me smile. And of course, the Hotel Deja Vu.

Don’t forget to click this link to see all the titles :

Admittedly, one of my own books, Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue is part of this promotion. My book is very different to Hotel Deja Vu although Edna does spend two days in Paris, the ‘French part’ of the book is set mainly in the Dordogne region.

Happy (books set in France) reading, Samantha xx

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