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A Marriage of Convenience by Stevie Turner

A Marriage of Convenience by Stevie Turner

The blurb: Gerrie Hermann, aspiring rock star from a rich South African family, has an unusual proposal for Sophie Woods when he meets her for the first time in their university canteen. Strait-laced Sophie has never done anything out of the ordinary in the whole of her 19 years. When she decides to take Gerrie up on his offer she has no idea that her decision is going to affect the rest of her life in ways that she could never have foreseen, even in her wildest dreams.

My review:

Five *s

Where do I start? This is a fast-paced short-ish (150 pages) read from Stevie Turner.
This story starts over twenty years ago when Sophie is at university worrying about how she will pay her parents back for her tuition fees. Then she meets Gerrie, he’s gorgeous, South African… and offers Sophie £30,000 to marry him.
Sophie agrees and things move very quickly in the right direction. Not expecting to fall in love, they do and soon Sophie is pregnant. This impulsive, life-changing behaviour turns out to be just right for the plot because Gerrie and Sophie make a decision that will change their lives forever.
Blackmail and deception return twenty years later, when Gerrie and Sophie’s younger children secure a gig at a heavy metal festival (great setting). What would you do if you bumped into someone who betrayed you twenty years previously? I can’t say what this is about because it would spoil the twist, but I can say that Sophie’s middle-aged years have not calmed her impulsive behaviour.
After thinking, debating and wondering what ALL the family will do – readers are rewarded with a ‘moving on’ type resolution.


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Happy reading, Samantha 🙂


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