Your Next Favourite Story Awaits

Below is the link for twenty free excerpts from some awesome contemporary fiction authors (and me!)

Last week, I read one of these books in full;

"Glassed" from And Ampersand: Short Stories on Endings and Beginnings (of a Sort) by Ryan R. Campbell

And Ampersand: Short Stories on Endings and Beginnings (of a Sort) by Ryan R. Campbell.

The blurb from the book’s Amazon page:

Your death comes on slowly, while elsewhere, a nameless man fakes his own. Encased in glass, a young man navigates a world meant for those beyond. A mudslide washes away a once romantic weekend, and a childhood swim drowns all illusion of innocence.

These are but some of the tales in And Ampersand: Short Stories on Endings and Beginnings (of a Sort). In this collection of flash fiction, short stories, and freeform prose, International Book Awards finalist R.R. Campbell returns as Ryan R. Campbell to juxtapose genesis and resolution, to bask in the beauty of rebirth in the most unexpected of places and at the most unexpected of times.

Born of the author’s own reinvention and oft-inspired by true events, And Ampersand is the perfect pocket companion for any reader who’s ever tussled with the tie between inception and end.

My little review:


A short review for a very short – short story collection. That’s the whole point though, fleeting words on beginnings and endings. A worthwhile take on the stream of consciousness, this book is a coffee break snapshot out of your life – what reading is all about.

Don’t forget to click the link:

Here are some of the other books included in this promotion, which runs until the 26th of March 21.

Living with Saci (sample) by M J Dees
The Seven Lives of Grace by Elena Shelest
Dawsun Coppertop, Volume I: Surlybrook by Jonathan Jordan
Midget Gems (from Quirky Tales to Make Your Day) by Samantha Henthorn

Don’t forget to use this link to access

You might just find your next favourite author 🙂

Happy reading, Samantha xx

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