What is Genevieve up to Now?!

‘Genevieve looked at both the men blankly, but continued to pout, pose, and rearrange her sunglasses. The silence had been going on for quite some time, then Genevieve turned around and completed what she thought was a sexy walk back to the sun lounger. The two builders shrugged at one another, got out of their van and started unloading their ladders and tools.’


Well the good news is, I have more than reached the halfway mark of writing the first draft of book three of Curmudgeon Avenue ‘Edna and Genevieve Escape From Curmudgeon Avenue’ . Yesterday, I was thrilled to bits to hear that one of my friends took book number one ‘The Terraced House Diaries’ with him on holiday! He wasn’t even winding me up either, reciting all about Harold’s rooftop protest and how Curmudgeon Avenue is saving her ‘stories for later’. What he really wanted, was for me to spill the beans about Genevieve. I told him to read it! Book three will be ready before you know it. Ahh that is why this is a short post. I am not signed up for the National Novel Writing Month, but have my own schedule of writing every day. What date is it? The 12th of November? I’m on 30,000 words.

Happy writing everyone Samantha


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